drNPCTM are the world’s first directly reprogrammed neural stem cells, also known as directly reprogrammed neural precursor cells (drNPC), that are made from reprogramming somatic cells which are the everyday cells that make up our body.  If the cell can be compared to hardware, then reprogramming is akin to replacing the software of a cell. This allows skin cells or blood cells, for example, to be reprogrammed into neural precursor cells. Neural precursor cells have the unique ability to specifically become neurons, oligodendrocytes and astrocytes, the basic building blocks of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

This means that Regenerative Medicine will no longer be bound to use human fetal or embryonic cells (or other pluripotent sources) to derive neural stem cells. This also means that we can now use the patient’s own cells as the starting cells, and reprogram these to neural precursor cells that are genetically and immunologically identical to the patient, which opens many new opportunities for Regenerative Medicine and true regeneration.

The technology has been validated by several KOLs, and we have been granted US patents on this technology, including composition of matter. Results from exploratory clinical studies have also been very promising, and we are currently working on IND enabling studies to start clinical trials.